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About Us

Cocoa Cloud is a chocolate cake paradise in Birkenhead, North Shore, Auckland.

Creating luxurious cakes that will melt the heart of any cake lover.

The creation of Cocoa Cloud

Our Master Chef Leslie’s love affair with chocolate cake began at an early age. 

Yes, he was a natural born pastry chef and loved to see the joy he spread even with simple cakes.

Premie, determined to perfect his craft and learn to create transcendent cakes, took off and travelled the world in search of the perfect chocolate, the perfect recipe and the perfect balance of ingredients.

And after years of exploration, and thousands of experiments…

The Cocoa Cloud that you know and love was finally born:

A light and airy cake overflowing with rich luxurious chocolate.

What goes into a Cocoa Cloud cake?

The secrets of the Cocoa Cloud recipes aren’t for public eyes (It’s not going to be that easy).

But whenever you order a cake from us, you’re guaranteed to be tasting the best ingredients the world has to offer. Including:

  • Luxurious Belgium chocolate sourced from our favourite chocolatiers.
  • Farm eggs for a velvety fresh taste (yes it makes a difference).
  • Real butter to create a rich full-bodied cake.
  • Unique ingredients carefully designed to complement each individual recipe.

Even describing it is enough to get my mouth watering.

But there’s only one way to have the true Cocoa Cloud experience…

To taste it!

So, whether you want to dive into our signature chocolate blend, prefer rich dark chocolate, or even in need of some vegan friendly chocolatey goodness, we have the perfect cake for you.

Simply pick your favourite and enjoy the Cocoa Cloud experience today.

Click HERE to view our shop.

*Our vegan offering uses the best alternatives and does not contain animal products

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