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Snowing X’mas Chocolate Cake

Tis the season to savor every moment with our delightful Christmas-themed treats! Our special holiday promotions feature an exquisite range of delectable cakes, crafted to elevate your festive celebrations.

Enjoy a luscious cake artfully decorated with a medley of fresh seasonal berries, delicate meringues, , crunchy nuts, and an array of delightful embellishments

Choose the flavour you like to add the sweet to your Christmas table:

  • White Chocolate and Coconut Cake
  • Dancing Pearl Chocolate Cake
  • Mocha Chocolate Cake

Elevate your Christmas with these irresistible flavors and add a touch of magic to your celebrations!

Auckland store pickup: 64 Mokoia Road, Birkenhead.
Free delivery to Hamilton every weekend from 3pm-6pm.
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