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Why Are Most Cakes Round? Cocoa Cloud’s Shape Selection

In the world of desserts, the shape of cakes has always been a captivating topic. Why are most cakes round? This question involves considerations of tradition, practicality, and aesthetic choices.

Why Are Cakes Round?

History and Tradition: The rounded shape of cakes dates back to ancient baking traditions. People believed that the round shape symbolized completeness and infinity, making round cakes a symbol of blessings and wishes.

Practicality and Baking Techniques: Additionally, round cakes have advantages in baking and slicing. They bake more evenly and are easier to slice while maintaining their shape and proportions, which is why they are preferred by bakers and pastry chefs.

Cocoa Cloud’s Shape Selection: Square Chocolate Cake

At Cocoa Cloud, we not only offer classic round chocolate cakes but also the beloved square chocolate cake. This square cake isn’t just visually appealing; it preserves the same essence of luxury. It consists of layers of light, airy chiffon cake wrapped in delightful chocolate mousse and topped with smooth, soft chocolate ganache frosting.

Features and Flavors: This half-sized cake uses imported Belgian chocolate, offering a rich, concentrated taste experience. Sized at 11 cm x 11 cm, it may be small, but it delivers the same luxurious dessert experience, perfect for enjoying alone or sharing with friends.

Cocoa Cloud is not only famous for its exquisite chocolate cakes but also for its commitment to culinary creativity and craftsmanship. Whether round or square, each cake embodies a profound love for dessert artistry and dedication to quality.

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